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Our Philosophy

Growing up in a third-generation family of pharmacists, Angela Hywood felt an intuitively strong desire to demystify health and medicine and to create something that would enable empowered health choices by each and every person. Tonic Australia embraces the philosophy that everyone has the right to understand their body, be responsible for their wellness and to know what is available through natural medicine to support good health. Equally important to Tonic is the science and thoroughly researched evidence that backs up hundreds of years of tradition in natural medicine, helping assure people of the validity of naturopathic practice.

Tonic Australia’s success is built on a practical, step-by-step process to restore health, invigorate, educate and establish the self nurturing habits and practices of a life-long wellness journey.

“The best day for me as a practitioner is when a client doesn’t need me anymore, because they know how to take charge of their own wellness.”

Angela Hywood ND

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