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Our Process

Tonic has developed a unique 5-stage approach to enlist clients on the journey to achieving total good health:

Stage 1    Inspire
Tonic asks clients to remember the times in their life when they have felt young, vital and invincible, and use the positive visualisation of this image to inspire them along the path to wellness.

Stage 2    Inform
As Western medicine moves ever closer to general acceptance of natural therapies and treatments, Tonic stays at the leading-edge of current research and scientific breakthroughs to ensure the relationship between client and practitioners is fully informed and of the highest integrity.

Stage 3    Consult
Applying the most innovative and effective programs, Tonic enables clients to achieve sustainable success through integrative health management.

Stage 4    Resource
Tonic understands the importance of maintaining will and resolve beyond the relative security of the consulting environment and has developed an ingenious methodology and effective tools to empower client self-health. Tonic Australia’s highly effective and successful Therapeutic Agreement ® is available exclusively to Tonic clients.

Stage 5    Engage
Tonic works in partnership with clients to overcome obstacles to achieving wellness and helping them identify issues that have prevented success in the past. Together a new future is created that embraces an invigorated, strong and elevated life.

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