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Success Rates

Natural and holistic treatments often succeed when orthodox treatments such as drugs and surgery fail. Since the Jocelyn Centre began practice in 1975, they have had successful fertility outcomes with thousands of “infertile” couples. Angela Hywood, founder and director of Tonic Australia, is one of the specialised naturopathic consultants at the Jocelyn Centre in Sydney Australia.

Because the Tonic Natural Fertility Management Program is individually created for the unique health requirements of each couple, reporting on comparative success rates is difficult, however despite the fertility challenges facing many of Tonic’s clients, clinical observations and major university studies in the UK and Australia strongly support a high rate of fertility success.

Foresight Study 1995
Foresight, the Association for the Promotion of Preconception Care, was established in the United Kingdom in 1978. A Foresight study, conducted in conjunction with Surrey University (published in the Journal of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine 1995), clearly shows the effectiveness of preconception health care.

Foresight Study Results: The women participating in the study ranged in age from 22-45 years, the men from 25-59 years. 41% of the couples had no previous adverse reproductive history, but among these were the older couples.

Study Involved:

  • 367 couples and lasted 2 years
  • Age of females: 22-45 years
  • Age of males: 25-59 years

Presenting with a Previous History of:

Percentage in Sample





Therapeutic abortion


Still birth


'Small for dates' or low birth weight babies







  • No miscarriages, perinatal deaths, malformations
  • No baby admitted to intensive care
  • Normal Expectation - 70 miscarriage, 6 malformations


Percentage in Sample

Live births


Live births to those previously infertile


Average gestational age

38.5 weeks

Earliest gestational age

36 weeks

Average weight of males

7lb 4oz (3303g)

Average weight of females

7lb 2oz (3232g)

Lightest baby

5lb 3oz (2367g)

Note: Our Natural Fertility Management Conception Program covers the same treatment methods used by Foresight and extends these by using natural therapies to enhance and resolve health issues.

Foresight Study (current)
Foresight is currently completing a further, larger study with 1,061 couples. The unpublished statistics from this already show similar excellent outcomes, with a preliminary conception rate of approximately 78% for the infertile couples on the program (leading to a healthy baby) within two years of following the program. This is despite some problems encountered with providing a full preconception health care service during the study. This study also suggests a more than doubled conception success rate for IVF, following preconception health care.

University of New England (2005)
The University of New England (UNE) has recently completed an independent study of 67 patients on the NFM Conception Program as conducted at the Jocelyn Centre. A high proportion of the couples in this study had serious fertility problems, all diagnosed infertile, and 25% were aged over 40yrs. Preliminary results have already shown that 52% of previously infertile couples can conceive within the first four months following their participation in the program.

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