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Supplements & Herbs

Nutritional Supplement companies we trust

Standard Process Inc (USA)
Founded by Royal Lee 75 years ago, Standard Process Inc provides healthcare professionals with high-quality, nutritional whole food supplements. With many of their raw materials grown organically on company-owned farmland in Palmyra, Wisconsin, Standard Process is dedicated to supplying quality whole food products to health care professionals only.
P - 800-848-5061 (USA)
W –

MediHerb MH Enhance (Australia)
MediHerb provides the world's most superior quality herbal medicines. We where delighted when they began the journey into the world of clinical nutritional supplements. Anything with the MediHerb’s seal is of ultimate quality, formulation expertise and safety.

Nordic Naturals Fish Oils (USA, Australia, UK, Europe)
Excellent quality, refrigerated fish oil capsules. Exceptional Freshness Levels. Freshness, which ensures product integrity and biological efficacy, may be the single most important quality of fish oils. Nordic Naturals’ patented, oxygen free manufacturing process delivers peroxide values (indicators of freshness) down to absolute 0.0 mEq/kg, with an average of 0.75 mEq/kg or approximately 14 times below the Norwegian Medicinal Standard and European Pharmacopoeia Standard limits. The lower the peroxide value, the fresher the fish oil. Exceptional Purity Levels - Purity is a significant concern among fish oil consumers. Nordic Naturals’ raw material is harvested from some of the cleanest waters in the world, and is tested by independent laboratories for heavy metals and over 210 other environmental contaminants. Great products for children and adults, in capsulated and liquid preparations.
P – 800-662-2544
W –

FIT BioCeuticals (Australia & UK)
BioCeuticals is a family owned Australian company providing practitioner only nutritional supplements, pioneering innovations in nutrient bioavailability and delivery in truly hypoallergenic products.








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