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Women's Health

Every Woman Benifits

Aspects of women’s health including pregnancy, birthing and post partum care and management of breastfeeding involve careful nurturing, personal elevation and nourishment. Natural Medicine and integrative co- management gives Tonic the springboard required to present its clientele with invigorating, proactive solutions to sustaining complete wellness.

Menopause and Beyond
Hot flushes, night sweats, insomnia, fatigue, weight gain, low libido, irregular periods.....all uncomfortable sign and symptoms of menopause. Our menopause care program provides a unique, drug free treatement approach that improve symptoms within 4 weeks. Integrating the best of traditional chinese medicine with a deep understadning of endocrinology, Tonic Australia has developed an effective program to help women throught the menopausal years and look furthur to prevent post menopausal complications such as osteoporosis, heart disease and breast cancer.\

Breast Cancer Complementary Care and Prevention
A landmark new program being offered for those who are dealing with breast cancer or those wise women who simply want to take a preventative approach to their health. This complementary medicine approach is designed to work hand in hand with the best of modern medicine in order to asses risk factors with breast health and then proactive plan for optimal management and prevention.

Other programs offered for Women's Health
Skin and Complexion Care Program- prevention and treatment of wrinkles, outbreaks and hyperpigmentation. Antiaging medicine for glorious skin.

Pregnancy Care and Birth Preparation- natural medicine for optional vitality in pregnancy with herbal, nutritonal and homoeopathic preparation for the big event.

Most importantly, Tonic Australia offers tailored, outcomes based, clinicall proven programs for each and every pateint.

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