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Male Infertility

Misconceptions are rife in the world of infertility. One popular myth is that infertility is the woman's problem and that once that "problem" is fixed, the couple will be able to conceive. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, in nearly 30% of all infertility cases, the cause is attributed to a factor in the male. Researchers reported that sperm counts have fallen almost 50% since the 1930s.

Many factors affect the quality of sperm produced by a man at any given time. These factors include issues such as: unusual stress, fever, certain medications, environmental factors or any injury to the testicles. Therefore, men will be asked to complete reproductive history as well as note any conditions or known toxic exposure which may affect sperm quality.

Studies confirm that male sperm counts are declining, and environmental factors, such as pesticides, exogenous estrogens, and heavy metals may negatively impact spermatogenesis. (Altern Med Rev 2000;5(1):28-38). A number of nutritional therapies have been shown to improve sperm counts and sperm motility. Numerous antioxidants have also proven beneficial in treating male infertility, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, glutathione, and coenzyme Q10. Acupuncture, as well as specific botanical medicines, have been documented in several studies as having a positive effect on sperm parameters. A multi-faceted therapeutic approach to improving male fertility involves identifying harmful environmental and occupational risk factors, while correcting underlying nutritional imbalances to encourage optimal sperm production and function.

Naturopathic treatment for male infertility focuses on improving sperm quantity, sperm quality and overall male reproductive health. Improving diet and making healthy lifestyle choices will positively impact male reproductive health, in addition to using the correct doses of high quality nutritional and herbal supplements to restore male reproductive vitality.

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